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[Ultimate Guide] How To Start a WordPress Blog or Website Quickly in Few Steps to Make Money Online (updated 2019)

Written by Harry

Hi, more and more people nowadays look for how to make money online or how to make money at home. There are some ways to do that but the important thing people must have is a website. We can earn money online without website, of course. However, it had better if we own a website then we can make money online easily.

The fact is a lot of people are not good at technical then it is not easy to build a new website. But you are not alone here. After helping 2,000+ people create their blog, I have decided to create this website to share knowledge, WordPress Themes, Plugins and especially the fully ultimate guide on How To Start A WordPress Blog Website for beginners.

It is an A-Z complete guide for you to set up your WordPress Site by yourself. Beside that, if you need help of setting up, I will help you to build your blog for free.

What We Need At First To Set Up New WordPress Blog?

To create WordPress Blog, we need:

  1. Domain name (the address name of web, like this domain
  2. Web Hosting Account (like the land of your house, this is where website live on the internet).
  3. Time to setup WordPress Blog.

I will show you whole process and step by step to setup WordPress Site including:

How To Register A Domain (You can read this article: How To Get Free Domain)

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting or Server

How To Install WordPress

How To Change Your Theme

How To Install Plugins To Customize Your Website

How To Write Blog Post

How To Optimize Your Website For SEO

How To Setup Google Analytic Tracking

How To Make Money Online From Your Website

Other Resource To Be Master Of WordPress

If you are ready, let’s start!

Note: Let’s bookmark this very useful article by pressing Ctrl + D on your keyboard. I will update the latest guide every week if there is any update.

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